Sturgis Rally Dates

The annual Sturgis Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota is one of the largest biker parties on the planet!  If you are a biker, its not a matter of IF you will visit Sturgis, its a matter of WHEN! 

Can't make it this year? Some say to QUIT your job and go anyway! If you cant to do that, then check out the schedule below for future Sturgis Rally dates so that you can plan ahead and join the party in Sturgis another year! It only gets better every year!

Future Dates

Sturgis Rally 2019 Dates

August 02-11, 2019

79th Anniversary

Sturgis Rally 2020 Dates

July 31-09, 2020

80th Anniversary

Sturgis Rally 2021 Dates

August 06-15, 2021

81st Anniversary

Sturgis Rally 2022 Dates

August 05-14, 2022

82nd Anniversary

Sturgis Rally 2023 Dates

August 03-13, 2023

83rd Anniversary

Sturgis Rally 2024 Dates

August 01-11, 2024

84th Anniversary

Sturgis Rally Things To Do

Never-ending options for entertainment, food, rides, and events at the Sturgis Rally!